Lost and Found in Melbourne Laneways

One thing you may have noticed about Melbourne is its love of art. Street Art is no exception. It’s pretty easy to lose yourself in the Graffiti filled laneways of Melbourne CBD, but how easy is it to find something?

Well here’s a challenge for you. If you like puzzles, scavenger hunts and exploring the city – then keep reading. Also, it’s free, so there’s that too.

I give you – Chazov-Dmytryk-Harkov treasure hunt.

Basically a series of visual puzzles scattered across Melbourne’s walls. Starting at Hosier Lane, the answers to the puzzles will lead you to your next destination. The first puzzle is in Bullens La, off Lt Bourke St (near the corner of Lt Bourke st and Russell st).

Here’s a link to the artist’s website here. and to his post about the ‘Deductive Logic Tast’ you’re about to embark on.

His advice is to;
1) Set aside atleast one hour – you WILL be walking around the city, so yeah – that’ll take a while.
2) Bring along some sort of smartphone to help you find your way around the laneways. This is not considered cheating (Although an oldschool map of Melbourne would be really cool). You could also use it to snap pictures of the puzzles, in case you realize you didn’t solve the previous one correctly, Saves you the walk back.
3) Bring a friend – because you may not be as smart as you think. Or as CDH points out, safety in numbers in case you get mugged. Laneways don’t have the best reputation for being hospitable and welcoming to lone strangers.

Good Luck, and happy art-hunting.