LuWOW Weekends

Aloha Melbourne.

So if you’ve been living in Melbourne for a while, you’ve probably heard of outrageous tiki bar, The LuWOW. And if you haven’t, well consider your weekend planned.

Other than literally putting the WOW in Luau, this bar is doing a lot of things right. A lot of nightspots claim to be “different”, but this one that definitely delivers. Wander in here unintentionally one winter evening and you might easily forget you’re in Melbourne. From the over-the-top decor to the embellished cocktails, this is the kind of place you take a lot of pictures.

The atmosphere is fun (how couldn’t it be) and the patrons are friendly (difficult to be obnoxious at a tiki bar). But let’s get down to one of the main reasons people come here – the cocktails. So, The LuWOW is not particularly a budget venue, you can walk in free before 8pm but there is a cover charge afterwards. Cocktails will set you back typically between $15-$25, with everything being rum based to keep with the trend.
I had the Gruesome Grog, three different kinds of rum and a floating eyeball (!) But, my favourite was the coconutty Lava Flow. Expect a little finger puppet or Hula Lady to go with your generously portioned cocktails.

The LuWOW is separated into two venues, the bar at the front called “The Island Village” which is open Wednesday through to Saturday. With its private ‘huts’ and table service (no fighting to get the bartender’s attention!) it’s perfect if you want to have a few drinks before you get into the swing of things.
“The Forbidden Temple” opens up only on Fridays and Saturdays from 9pm, with its own bar, dance floor, stage and army of go-go dancers. There are live acts as well as a DJ, so be sure to check the website for details on entertainment.

They are quite strict on dress code, with this very detailed description of what is not allowed

If you’re looking for something eccentric and quirky, The LuWOW is worth a try. check out their website here.

Address- 62-70 Johnston Street, Fitzroy
Trading days- Wed to Sat (with The Forbidden Temple open only Fri-Sat)
Opening hours- 5pm til late
Entry is free before 8pm, a drink can set you back about $15-$25. The entire menu can be found here.


Midweek Madness – No Lights No Lycra

What is it?

No Lights No Lycra could be described as a dance class. Except it there’s no instructor and no choreography. You’re not required to wear a leotard and you don’t need a partner. And probably most importantly, there are no lights. It’s simply a time and a location. All you have to do is show up and dance.

How much fun would it be to dance in a room full of people without any element of scrutiny or performance? The answer: A LOT.

I was a bit sceptical attending my first NLNL session. There wasn’t a whole lot of information on the website at the time. And from the vague account I got from one of my classmates, it sounded like a cross between a nightclub and a fitness class. But don’t worry, it’s neither of these things!

After a few minutes of awkwardly standing on the side of a dark church hall, watching the shadowy outlines of less inhibited individuals fling their limbs around to the drum beats of what sounded like African tribal music – I joined them. The two step shuffle and periodical shoulder lifting turned into fully fledged groove session. In the span of one and a half hours I had attempted the moonwalk, rediscovered my jazz hands and even thrown in some hardcore crumping.

The music is as eclectic and random as the people who attend. Expect to hear anything from Oldies to dreamy electronic beats, Michael Jackson, or the Pussycat Dolls. Expect to (vaguely) see giggly teenagers, professional dancers and even people in business suits – all caught up in their own bubbles of awesome dance moves.

It makes for an extremely casual night out – No reservations needed, and you can walk in or walk out halfway. It happens twice a week, every Tuesday (Fitzroy and Windsor) and Wednesday (Brunswick) and usually runs for about an hour and a half. You can find all the details below, or visit their blog or website. You can also find them on facebook here.

NLNL is fun, a lot of fun. But more so than that, it’s therapeutic, incredibly personal and different to any other dance experience offered in Melbourne.

To get you in the mood, here’s a clip of one of their flash mobs called ‘Lunch break’ from way back in 2009.

Locations and Times

Tuesdays in Fitzroy, 7:45 pm to 9 pm
St Marks Hall, 250 George Street, Fitzroy

Tuesdays in Windsor, 7 pm to 8: 15 pm
Will Sampson Hall, 102 Henry Street, Windsor

Wednesdays, 7 pm to 8:30 pm
49 Nicholson St, East Brunswick

How much: A $5 donation at the door when you leave.
Additional Info: You may want to bring a bottle of water.