Happy Halloween

Halloween, despite its pagan and Celtic roots, has basically evolved into another commercial, American ‘holiday’. Australia doesn’t typically go as crazy about Halloween as Americans do, but there are definitely a few Halloween themed events going on – If you haven’t noticed my numerous posts about ‘the undead’ already.

Speaking of which – check out my costume for Melbourne’s Zombie Shuffle on the Sunday the 28th.

I was being referred to as ‘the Nerf Zombie’ by the end of it, even though the Nerf bullet was a last minute improvisation to my costume of ‘regularly grotesque Zombie’.
It as a great day. Some truly spectacular costumes, tonnes of photographers, and thousands of participants. It was pretty well organized, although a few zombies did get out of hand and upset a few motorists haha. Even the undead are not exempt from obeying road rules!

Definitely¬†recommend attending next year, if not as a Zombie as a photographer – you can get some really good shots. Some tips for those looking to attend net year –

  • If you want to attract a lot of media attention (i.e. show up in the most professional albums on Facebook and Flickr) consider dressing as a character (theme, celebrity, cultural reference) Zombie.
  • Definitely check out some Youtube videos. They helped ALOT. and there are tonnes – depending on the desired degree of disgusting you want to go for.
  • Also, don’t bother looking online for costume stuff. Most Costumes stores in Melbourne stock the essentials – liquid latex, fake blood, etc. And they cost maybe $6 each roughly.

    Have fun!



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